Learn n’ Grow is involved in consultancy services to educational institutions. We help modify the curriculum of schools and other institutes with regard to holistic child development.
Our current education system is unprepared to deal with the unpredictable future scenario. Every single day, our world today is generating new profitable methods of employment that require different skills. Something like Blogging, Youtubbing, Social Media Marketing, etc are professions that were never thought of existing a few years from now.
At the same time careers that seemed to generate profits a few years ago have now been completely obliterated from today’s scenario. Startups close everyday, whereas laying off jobs is not uncommon. If anything at all, this indicates the sheer unpredictability of the world around us.
While schools today are training our little ones for ‘conventional jobs’, there may not be conventional jobs in the near future to begin with. Therefore it is essential that we stop ‘training’ our children for the future and start ‘preparing’ them instead.
Which is what our consultancy services to educational institutions tend to do. We devise a holistic child development curriculum that helps our little ones be prepared for the uncanniness that the future is going to throw at them.
Our consultancy includes aspects like behaviour of teachers in classrooms, modifications in the syllabus, co-curricular activitie, etc. Thoroughly ensuring children learn and have fun at the same time.