Courses we are undertaking for 2017-2018

1. YA (Young Adults)

Age group: 13-19 
Level: Advanced About the course:
About the course:
Here we help tackle all the issues of adolescence that our teens go through every single day and nobody around them to confide in or to guide them through it.
Our sessions deal with issues like Self-esteem issues, Identity crisis, Career goals, Body Image, etc.
Our counselling sessions will record their responses and will give them fruitful guidance for the way ahead. Read more.. 

2. Psychosomatic 

Age: 2 to 6 year 
Level: Beginner 
About the course:
Here we focus on the holistic all-round development of the child working on the Philosophy of Dr. Howard Gardner while using the methods of Maria Montessori. We create a positive learning environment for the child, working on areas they lag like Creativity, Analytics, etc.  Read more.

3. Reverse Engineering

Age: 7 to 12 years
Level: Intermediary About the course: 
About the course: 
Here we work on an already developed mind of a child past the age of 7 and using the methods in Reverse Engineering, layer by layer, work out the Intelligence Quotients which a child lags and work on them accordingly. Read more.

4. LYRC – Levelled Young Reading Club

Age: 3 to 7 years 
Level: Beginner 
About the course: 
This helps develop a healthy, concrete base for the English Language in a child by using methods like Story-telling, Extempore, dramatics, etc. This makes the child comfortable with the English Language. Read more.

5. Linguistics 

 Age: 5 to 10 years 
Level: Intermediary
 About the course: 
This helps polish the English Language basics in the mind of a child. By focusing on areas like Grammar, Phonics and Structure will we make sure a child is well strengthened with the language and has made it his/her primary basis of communication. Read more.