About us

Learn n’ grow was founded 12 years back by Neha Soni with a singular vision in mind, to nurture and upbring a better generation of little ones. We deal with the complete development of a child right from behavioural management to global elemental exposure. Currently with a strength of over 150 students and growing, LnG has become the leading Psychological extracurricular development institute for children of all ages. 

LnG undertakes Psychological assessment of children via tools like DMIT, MI and good old human observation.

With a variety of courses ranging from Psychomatic development to Reverse Engineering to Lingusitic development courses, LnG helps inculcate a positive learning ability in children, making them not only informative but also aware, attentive and prepared for what the future holds in store for them. 

LnG believes that we, as parents are unaware of the professions we are training our kids for.

As a matter of fact, most of the professions that we are training our kids for these days, have a high chance of being obliterated in the professional scenario in the uncanny and uncertain upcoming future. Take for instance careers like Blogging, Youtubing, Web Designing, App Developing. These highly profitable career options right now were unheard of a few years back. The future is unpredictable, unknown and yet, at the same time, equally fascinating.

Therefore, LnG believes in developing skills in little ones like Thinking out of the box, Social Awareness, Cognitive Thinking, Creativity, Ethics and Morality. If garnered at a very young age with the utmost care, these skills would help children deal with uncertain issues in the future with ease and panache and the task of managing home and office would become a cakewalk. Only then will our little ones be ready for what lies in store for them in the days there are to come. 

At LnG we tend to nurture a healthy upbringing of all age groups ranging from 2-6 years (Psychosomatic course) and 6 years and beyond (Reverse Engineering course). These courses focus all-round holistic development of a child in all the aspects of his/her life. Our curriculum is intricately designed for the kids to learn and grow in a playful environment.

Other than this we have our English Language communication courses for ages 3 to 7 years (Level Young Reading Club (LYRC) ) and for ages 5 to 10 years (Linguistics course). These courses help focus on the nurturing of the English language communication ability of a child. While the LYRC course forms a sound foundation of the English language in a child, the Linguistics course helps further inculcate this foundation by polishing his/her command over the language in areas of grammar, structure and phonetics.

Our sessions include creative playtime activities like Story-Telling, Dramatics, Role-Playing, Creative Writing, Extempore Speeches and much more. All these sessions include the holistic development of a child in a very enjoyable environment, so as to grab the attention of the child, making learning not boring at all.

Besides these, we also arrange workshops across cities, deliver counselling sessions on effective parenting skills and help foster effective modifications in the curriculum of schools. We help shape an all-round personality of a child through sessions, excursions, visits and Annual Functions. Our agenda is not to improve a single aspect in a child like language or communication, but to help nurture a more holistic development in all areas possible.   

As caring parents, we should understand that it becomes our utmost responsibility to see that our child is reared well, that he or she may grow up to be a happy, self-satisfied human being. It is essential we deal with his/her growth wisely and with immense care. Only then will our child be, the best version of himself/herself that we want to see.   

Founders Profile

Neha Soni is an educator, counsellor, consultant, jewelery designer and a certified hypnotherapist.
She starts her day off with a pencil in her hand designing jewelery, only to end it saving divorces and resolving family problems, managing all these hats at once.
She started off joining her family’s textile business only to pursue a course in Jewelery Designing and subsequently becoming a full time Jewelery Designer. The next thing you know she has established her own jewelery label, ‘Sparsh Jewels’, along with her husand Sumeet Soni. 
At Sparsh, they engage in niche jewels, designed and manufactured all across the world and retail them to their selective clientèl, while running their manufacturing unit of diamond jewellery.
A few years later she stacked up another skill in her life and found the Psyschomatic research and development institute for kids called ‘Learn n’ Grow’ that she has been running to a great success for the last 9 years along-with a few of her franchisees. 
Additionally she’s also a practicing certified hypnotherapist. She indulges in problem solving on a subconscious level in all areas such as relationship maladies, drug addiction, psychological afflictions, etc. 
Neha is also a consultant for educational institutions, where she helps them develop and reinvent their curriculum. She helps modify the behavioral pattern of teachers and deals with systematic handling of children in classrooms using NLP, Counseling and workshops.
While working on developing and nurturing child psychology, Neha became a counsellor for their parents as well.
Her counselling sessions help solve multiple adult issues ranging from marital problems to divorce cases and help foster healthy relationship habits in grown ups.
Neha also conducts workshops across different cities where she helps inculcate a positive learning experience for kids of all age groups.
Additionally Neha Soni is trained in “Jolly Phonics” and has finished the “American TESSOL” Institute certified English Granmar course.
Her life revolves around her work for she believes in doing what she loves every single day of her life and therefore, in that process, not be working at all.