Additional to nurturing a healthy learning environment via our courses, Mrs. Neha Soni indulges in counselling sessions for one and all, with regard to their ailments in the following situations:

  • Family issues: No family is perfect. There’s always that one mother-in-law who is always dancing over your head, that one father-in-law who wouldn’t stop cribbing about everything or that one distant cousin who’ll never be satisfied with whatever it is you’ve achieved professionally. It’s a roller coaster ride that all of us have to go through inevitably. Therefore, it becomes important that this does not take a mental toll on all of us. We help you go through all the knick-knacks of your family and handle them like a pro via our counselling sessions.
  • Couples therapy: Conflicts here and there have always signified a healthy relationship between couples. Perhaps issues that signify nothing else other than ego clashes get greater perspective when seen from somebody else’s eyes. Our couple therapy sessions help you look through your relationship issues with an open mind and reach fruitful conclusions at the end of them.
  • Child Psychology: Child psychology is an intricate area that needs to be taken very seriously by any parent. To understand the mind of a child, to foster in him/her healthy learning ability, to know the reason why your child behaves the way he/she does, all of this require the attention of a counsellor who could give you effective advice based on his/her previous experiences. Which is what we aim to do, give you a perspective regarding all these issues.

It could be noted here that all our counselling sessions cannot magically wave a wand and solve all your issues. They can only give you some valuable feedback and a new perspective regarding. And sometimes this is all what you need.

For our counselling sessions regarding any of the issues mentioned above, please reach us via Contact US