Upcoming Events

Learn n’ Grow is organising a free never-like-before “Parenting” event in Surat.

Date – 19th Feb 2017

Send us “Attend event” with you name on watsapp¬†– +91 8238796907¬†

Venue – Coming soon.

Children are born perfect, but somehow we lose the track through the journey of life. What we need to in fact achieve is the Perfection we all had as children.

We often forget that all of us were children once not long ago. We have also forgotten the fact that our children think, desire, believe and play just like us.
Children are nothing but our reflection.

If you want to understand how right parenting can change your and children’s present/future. We invite you to our event.

Its a self-funded Open/Free event organised by Learn n’ Grow family.
Learn n’ Grow is organising this particular event for parents of Surat who have kids aged 1-19

In this event, you will understand the science and logic of right parenting and have tools to plan a better future with your children,

Understanding parenting is in reality understanding oneself.

Everything that you will witness in this event is based on scientific facts and theories.

Learn n’ Grow event